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Practically all homeowners or renters have had to deal with issues around the house or apartment, and have the basic tools to help handle them. However, residents know that they can call on experts when it comes to more complex issues like those involving plumbing and gas.

A clogged drain, perhaps, or a running toilet can usually be fixed with a little time and effort. The same can’t be said of bigger repair jobs. To help homeowners deal with such jobs, there are our plumbers. Such professional attention can help prevent these from becoming bigger issues later.

How can you do your part in maintaining your plumbing system, and what are some of the problems usually best left to those behind our plumbing services?

1. Leaking or dripping taps. This is possibly the most common problem people encounter. If the dripping is really slow, it can go unnoticed for days. In fact, some don’t really notice it until their next water bill, when they see they need to pay a significantly higher amount. Other times, it’s annoying, especially if you can hear the dripping from the next room.

The problem usually lies with the rubber or silicon-based washer, which is supposed to stop the water from flowing in when you turn the tap off. If it’s unstable in some way or torn, a tiny stream can come in. Without specialized tools, replacing the washer yourself can be a more difficult task than expected.

If you use ceramic or disc taps, the job becomes more complicated. In those cases, it’s better not to attempt the repair yourself, but call a professional.

2. Running toilets. If the toilet keeps filling with water, whether the flow is fast or slow, you need to check if it’s inner workings are still functioning well. Usually, the culprits are the flapper valve, the float isn’t balanced, or the fill tube is loose.

Even if you have a budget to stick to, most toilet repair kits are easily bought and installed. Sometimes, though, you might still find your bathroom floor more than a little wet, and your basic plumbing supplies won’t be enough to deal with it. If you’ve already tried replacing the aforementioned parts, it’s time to call in our professionals.

3. Slow or clogged drains. If your bathroom or kitchen sink drains really slowly or doesn’t drain at all, you can blame it on a clog. Sometimes, debris, hair, or a small object like marble is the cause of the blockage, so all you have to do is remove it. Commercial cleaners can also help dissolve clogs, but use them too often and you’ll have damaged pipes.

To prevent debris from falling into your drains, you might want to use screens that will fit over them. Call a professional Plumber to help make sure clogging won’t be a regular problem.

Regular and active maintenance is the best thing you can do to make sure you catch plumbing problems early before they get too complicated. Examine exposed pipes and look for signs of excess moisture, monitor water pressure, and so on. When you contact our plumbing company, you can help make their job easier, and they can make life easier for you.

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