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The Things You Should Be Aware Of Car AccidentsThe Things You Should Be Aware Of Car Accidents

It’s not a secret that almost everywhere and every second there occur automobile accidents. The thing is that in the roads we see several kinds of traffic starting from small passenger cars and up to big accident attorneys All of them may be involved into such crashes. Though nowadays many people are taking caution, still there are millions of car accidents. The problem is that most of the people driving a car don’t think about the opportunity to be involved into car accident, that’s why when the latter occurs they are really not prepared and they even don’t know what they should do first. As far as the issue is concerned it is always good to be prepared for unexpected situations like these. This article will help you to understand what to do in such cases.

So, first of all it is important to understand whose fault it was. To the best of our knowledge, not everyone is eager to admit its own fault. Vice versa most people try to direct the accident against the victim. That’s why it is so important that you would understand all your legal rights and options. To tell the truth fortunately there are some professionals that may help you after an automobile accident. You need also to keep in mind that the first person you should address after an accident is an automobile car crash lawyer. For example, you may look on the Internet and you will definitely find various law firms that offer their services for car accidents. What’s more important here you can directly get the information you need. Besides, directly here you will get also the whole information on the law firm as well as the lawyer, their address and telephones. All the information you get online is free of charge. This is especially true in cases when you need only some general information or just to ask some general questions.

If you want to find the best accident attorney you should know that there are some injunction to choose the right one. So first of all, you should find the lawyer who has good experience in handling car accident cases and has expertise on car accident laws. Besides, your lawyer should have successful record of winnings and as the result he has established his reputation and has earned positive feedbacks from previous clients. In addition, the lawyer should start collecting evidences as soon as possible. He also should have enough time and resources to defend your claims and as the result will be able to represent your case as effectively as possibly. Of course, the lawyer’s fee should be reasonable. Be sure: an experienced and in the know lawyer can help you collect the damages you deserve. When you get into a car accident, don’t hesitate, and contact your automobile accident lawyer.

APC Leader Cautions Fayose Over Attacks On BuhariAPC Leader Cautions Fayose Over Attacks On Buhari

A member of the Seventh House of Representatives, Bamidele Faparusi, has cautioned Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, over his relentless attacks on President Muhammadu… APC Leader Cautions Fayose Over Attacks On Buhari
Faparusi, who is a member of the All Progressives Congress, urged the governor to face governance and stop dragging the name of Ekiti in the mud.

According to him, the governor’s attacks on the President had become a recurring decimal.

He said that it was glaring that governance under him had suffered a colossal damage in Ekiti State.

Fayose had, in a statement on Sunday, said nobody could intimidate him because of his strong and truthful stance on national issues.

But Faparusi, in a statement on Monday, expressed dismay that Fayose, who had allegedly taken intimidation, coercion and harassment of the opposition as a strategy to win elections could turn around and accuse Buhari of planning to destabilise his government.

The APC chief said, “In the build up to the 2015 general election, Fayose chased all the 26 House of Assembly members away while also running after the state Chairman of the APC, Chief Jide Awe, and over 300 influential members of our party over trumped-up charges, using the police.

“Even in his own party, those seen not loyal to him were being intimidated or expelled from the party. Does Fayose’s allegation have any strand of believability?”

Faparusi said that Fayose, who was talking about intimidation, should know he was the least of Buhari’s problems, adding that, “Sinners run when no one pursues. Nigerians should know by now that Fayose’s barbaric nature does not represent the value Ekiti people stand for and, therefore, should not take any of his utterances serious as his illogical criticism of Mr. President is just aimed at striving to be in the news all the time and unfortunately for the wrong reasons.

“We will no longer tolerate his continual dragging of Ekiti’s towering image in the mud. We should ensure that Ekiti keeps its record as the most educated and sophisticated state in Nigeria and we won’t fold our arms and allow an opportunist to derogate the image that took years to build.”

King Sunny Ade’s US show cancelled, fans demand refundKing Sunny Ade’s US show cancelled, fans demand refund

IN Africa, he is known as pioneer of world music-as his native, electrifying juju music mixes with modern eclectic rhythm, danceable and enjoyable. He… King Sunny Ade’s US show cancelled, fans demand refund
IN Africa, he is known as pioneer of world music-as his native, electrifying juju music mixes with modern eclectic rhythm, danceable and enjoyable. He is godfather of juju music in Africa. King Sunday Adeniyi, whose sobriquet goes by KSA on stage is a phenomenon in Nigerian arts/culture being classed all around the world as one of the most influential musicians of all time.

This Nigerian music-legend, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist disappointed his United States fan when words reached his music-lovers in Dallas, Texas less than 48 hours to his live performance at Annette Strauss Square of AT &T Performing Arts Center earlier slated for June 18, 2015 that KSA and his African Beats would no longer be able to honor their show. Tickets for the show was pegged at $25 per person.

Everyone with passion for African music in Dallas were surprised, but wondered what could have kept this Nigerian music icon away from the much-publicized show? Investigation by CNN iReport revealed that the African Beats band members did not yield their international traveling passports over to the juju maestro early against his repeated warnings to them, as they felt since KSA is a global name, at their own time they could always hand-over their passports and be sure of having Visa emblazoned on their passport pages. This time around, they were disappointed, since United States Embassy follow its policies and bureaucracies to the letters in issuance of Visa to people. By the time the Visa procurement finally began at the US Embassy due to KSA’s band boys delay; it was crystal clear to them they would not be able to obtain their Visa at that point in other to play at the AT &T Dallas show.

When it dawned on KSA that the lackadaisical attitude of his band boys made him to miss the AT &T Dallas Show, CNN iReport gathered this Nigerian music impresario had to quickly ensure he had a word with the Consul-General in a face-saving move to cover the obvious delay-blunder orchestrated by his band boys. He was counseled that as an African music Ambassador , widely traveled and respected, he should always try to ensure traveling documents by his band members are always submitted on time, with earliest interview date fixed; to avert similar occurrences. He agreed.

Thereafter, it was clear that KSA was already angry with his band boys, as he held straight-face, without smiling when he departed the Consul-General office immediately after a group picture of KSA with US Embassy staff were taken. Even when his band boys were asking him the outcome of their Visa as they drove out of the premises, he refused to acknowledge their requests. It is unclear if KSA would ‘wield a big-stick’ against his band members or step-up more discipline among them to avoid same blunder in the future.